We live to stage neo-cabarets.

We have produced them for major fundraising galas (Muscular Dystrophy Foundation Canada); marketing campaigns (Veuve Clicquot’s Yelloweek – pictured here); and private parties (confidential clients).

Our neo-cabarets are an orchestrated affair that captures the spirit of vaudeville by unleashing a series of flamboyant acts upon guests, from arrival till climax. The cast may include bedazzling MCs, soulful musicians, quirky singers, superhuman circus artists, curvaceous dancers, colorful characters, strange actors, and some indescribable acts.

The concept itself might be older than Shakespeare, but Manina’s choices of talent, costumes, styling, sound, decor, and lighting infuse our neo-cabarets with a definite 21st century vibe.

The past is a bottomless source of inspiration, but there is never much of a point in recreating it. Always build upon it and aim to surprise.

By Manina World

Best event planner in Montreal and Canada – Notable Awards


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