The edge makes things unforgettable. Impactful. Worth talking about.

Chances are that anything we ever shared enthusiastically with friends or professional peers was at the edge of something. The edge of ingeniousness, the edge of technology, of sexiness, of rudeness, of comedy, of human skills, of controversy, of raw emotion.

When called upon to design events and entertainment, we often invite brands to think about the edge, and to let us know how close to it they want to stand.

Most, even though they admit that the edge is what fascinates them personally, will shy away from it because of fear of shocking, offending, or coming across as something that is not them.

But every once in a while, a brand, a big brand, an international brand with a reputation bigger than the polar ice cape, will not only ask for it, but will encourage us to take them to the edge.

And that is precisely where interesting things start to happen.

By Manina World

Best event planner in Montreal and Canada – Notable Awards


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