There is a galaxy of artists and talent agents that anyone can call to book entertainment for an event. Musicians, bands, singers, circus performers, variety acts, and so on. At Manina, we often receive calls from clients asking us for such entertainment suggestions.

We, however, love to “combitalent,” which is the fine art of combining two or more existing acts into a whole new show, unique and tailored to our client’s event. We very rarely act as bookers, sending someone to do a gig without further concerns. More often than not, we take the time to stage, choreograph, dress, light, and direct artists, and support their appearance with a Manina coordinator at the event.

A case in point was the recent launch of the spectacular new showroom for Bentley and Aston Martin Montreal. Among the many entertainment features of the event, we included a performance by electric violin virtuoso, Dr. Draw. To enhance the impact of the dramatic lobby staircase, we incorporated a troupe of sculptural ballerinas. Their movements were choreographed for the space and their outfits were custom-designed by Manina’s team.

“Dr. Draw and the Ballerinas” thus became an original number, impossible to replicate by a talent agent.

“Combitalenting” can be as simple as bringing together a gorgeous hostess and a fashion designer to create a stunning character, or as elaborate as staging a surprise parade with ten multi-disciplinary performers. Either way, we have tremendous fun art-directing existing talent. The possibilities are endless.

By Manina World

Best event planner in Montreal and Canada – Notable Awards



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