Mabel Palomino, president of Manina World, is the recipient of the 2015 Notable Award for Best Event Planner in Canada. This is a mini-Q&A with the Montreal entrepreneur:

What do you feel is your edge?

Caring. When a company or a person hires Manina, me and my entire team break our heads researching and understanding the purpose of the occasion and how to best embody it through an inventive event and entertainment. We really love to learn about people and companies, to become intimately familiar with what makes them tick. Sometimes, we spend an inordinate amount of time on it, but we believe it’s worth it.

Is there a signature look or style to a Manina event?

All events are different, but there is definitely a single heart. We bring a female perspective to even the manliest of brands, like Aston Martin. We create artistry, beauty, and fun, and sometimes controversy. We don’t follow trends. We design themes that arise from our understanding of the purpose. A Manina event is always a sensual affair, from cast to décor. Companies call us when they need to dare.

What thrills you most about your profession?

The notion of working side by side with industry leaders on a daily basis. And the satisfaction of knowing that we are often at the edge of innovation with them, and that, together, we can do good with our events.

Click on this CTV News interview to watch Mabel share event tips with host Mutsumi Takahashi.

Check out MTL Blog’s feature on Montreal’s top “Boss Babes.”

By Manina World

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